Weekly Student Encouragement
By: Nathan and Chaifa Berry
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Don't Get Caught Unequipped!

Since Nate and I have been back from the wedding in South Africa, the season has changed here at Headquarters. This time of year is when we begin to wind down, spend time with our loved ones, and to prepare ourselves for the next year ahead.

Just like winter, we go through a season of death... the snow falls and what was before, begins to die and be covered in snow. The old anointing, the old directions, the former goals that the Lord gave to us, all begin to fade away. What was on top of the soil, dies and falls away, but under the snow is soil that is being prepared for NEW things to come to life in the spring.

What was accomplished was accomplished. Whatever was left undone, is undone. Yet, this remains: God moves on and we must move on with Him.

Just like a Mama Bear crawls into her cave in hibernation, as a ministry team, we all take this time to go into the quiet and see what it is that the Lord has for us in the next year.

This is the time to be built up, equipped, and sharpened in the spirit. At 3pm, the office is dead quiet, as the team gathers in the lounge for training. We go through teachings, we get equipped and we gear ourselves for the season ahead... so that when that season is upon us, we are not caught with "our pants down."

You see, God's promises are true and if He has said you are going to preach to the masses, you better learn how to preach, right?! So often though, we wait... and wait... until God moves and we are placed on the pulpit and then we wish we would've taken the time to get equipped in the quiet.

Has God promised to send you to the nations? If so, are you prepared for the warfare that comes with it?

Has He promised you financial blessing? Then, are you disciplined as a steward, to know what to do with it?

This is the season to prepare for what is up ahead. The truth is: God's promises are coming for you and He will bring it to pass. The question is... will you be ready for it, or will you find yourself ill equipped and missing the very open door you've been praying for?

That is the question we've been asking ourselves and that is why this time of year is the season that we gear ourselves for the year ahead. We know what it feels like to get "caught unequipped" and it is not a nice feeling. So, join us in getting battle ready!

Go through your lessons, soak up those teachings, be trained by the Holy Spirit and let's be prepared for 2018! Remember that, we too, are marching right alongside of you - sharpening our swords, and becoming bigger vessels, just like you.

Love and Blessings,

Nathan and Chaifa Berry
Pastor Teacher School Principals
Apostolic Movement International

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Don't Get Caught Unequipped!

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