Weekly Student Encouragement
By: Nathan Berry
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The Anointing is Not for You

"The anointing is not coming for your good pleasure. It is coming for theirs. The gifts work that way. The Lord is not going to give you the anointing just because it is fun for you. The Lord is going to give you the anointing because the people desire it and suck it out of you." - (Excerpt from Today's Pastor book by Apostle Colette Toach)

If you want to see God moving more in your ministry, it is time to invest more into those around you. It is time to put yourself, your needs, and your desires aside. You are a leader. It is not about what you want, but about what God's people cry out for.

You are going to walk more in the anointing and in God's power as those around you desire it and hunger for it. As they cry, "Lord, send your power. Lord, release the anointing. Lord, let your glory be here. We want more of you" this is when the anointing will come upon you and God will use you to give His people what they need.

It is the same that happened with Moses. When he tried to be a deliverer in his own efforts, he ended up running for his life. However, when the people cried out to God for a deliverer and they were ready, God picked up Moses from the wilderness and set his feet on a track to set His people free.

Child of God, never forget that you were hand picked by the master to give His people what they need, because of their cry and not because of your own. It is their faith that will move God's hand to come upon you and give you what you need for them.

If they are not crying out to God, your job is not to sit and ask for more anointing, but to get wisdom from God on how to prepare their hearts for what God has for them. Get wisdom on how to get them to hunger for more of the Lord.

When you can get the people to cry out to God for themselves and to have an open heart to the Lord, then you have fulfilled an amazing responsibility of your pastoral ministry.

Love and Blessings,

Nathan Berry
AMI Pastor Teacher School Principal
Apostolic Movement International

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