Weekly Student Encouragement
By: Nathan and Chaifa Berry
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Leaders - Front and Center!

The Lord is calling you out!

Here is a portion of God's Word for 2018 that Apostles Craig and Colette Toach sent out:

"For I am indeed breaking the walls of my church open into every sector of the world and am launching a countercheck on the work of the enemy. Yet I am doing so with leaders that are already trained, equipped and have been waiting for my command.

So my leaders - my generals - it is time to pick up your sword and to hold yourself accountable! It is time to become an influence in the sector that I have established you in."

All the training and equipping that you have been going through was for the purpose of preparing you to make an impact and be an influence in the land that you are in right now. This year it is time to stand accountable for the condition of the church.

It is time to rise up and stop waiting for the land to change on its own. The Lord has given you the baton and is calling you to bring forth the very change that you have been waiting to see.

If you have not read God's Word for 2018 yet, go here to read it and find out what your part to play is in this year ahead: http://www.apostolic-movement.com/show.php?t=Prophetic Word 2018&ref=144&button=

Love and Blessings,

Nathan and Chaifa Berry
AMI Pastor Teacher School Principals
Apostolic Movement International

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Your Direction for 2018

Your land is before you. Your victories are before you.
But how will you take your land?

Discovering your battle plan for 2018


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